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Countess Necrotica's Journal

Countess Necrotica
22 June 1981
17th century, 18th century, abigor, abyssos, adobe photoshop, aeon, agnosticism, alchemy gothic, alcohol, amon amarth, anaal nathrakh, ancient rites, anti-bush, anti-christian, arcana, arkhon infaustus, astrology, autism, baroque music, beer, beethoven, beetlejuice, black metal, black roses, blood stained dusk, boots, borderline personality disorder, borknagar, burzum, cannibal corpse, carpe tenebrum, castles, castlevania, cemeteries, chinese food, chronic fatigue syndrome, classical music, coffins, cryptopsy, crystals, dargaard, dark angels, dark beauty, dark funeral, dark romance, darkness, death, death metal, deicide, depression, dethklok, dimmu borgir, doom metal, edgar allen poe, elend, embraced, emperor, fishnets, french, goth, gothic, gothic architecture, gothic culture, graphic design, graveland, graveworm, graveyards, hypocrisy, immortal, insomnium, intelligence, internet, j.s. bach, jewelry, kansas city, limbonic art, loneliness, long haired men, lord of the rings, mactätus, marduk, mausoleums, mead, melancholy, metalocalypse, middle ages, mithotyn, moonlight, mozart, mysticum, mythology, mörk gryning, naglfar, nightwish, nile, ninnghizhidda, nintendo, nokturnal mortum, norse mythology, obtained enslavement, old man's child, otherkin, paint shop pro, penitent, photography, piercings, puissance, rhapsody, roses, runes, samael, seth, setherial, sirius, solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts, st. louis, stormlord, summoning, swords, tartaros, tattoos, the project hate mcmxcix, therion, thyrfing, tidfall, tvangeste, vampires, vampyres, velvet, viking metal, vikings, vintersorg, vital remains, vivaldi, web design, xanax, xasthur, yahoo chat, zyklon